Georgia’s Congressional Delegation
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Buddy Carter (R)
Sanford Bishop (D)
Drew Ferguson official congressional photo.jpg
Drew Ferguson (R)
Hank Johnson (D)
John Lewis (D)
Dist:  912-265-9010

Pharmacist. While state senator in 2014, authored a bill to increase reimbursement rates for Georgia pharmacies. As owner of three, vote was in violation of ethical guidelines. “Obviously, it’s borderline,” he admitted.

Dist: 229-439-8067

Ranked 13th most bipartisan member of 114th Congress. Pro peanut price support; pro Iraq war; anti abortion; voted against Obamacare. Co-sponsored Religious Freedom Amendment. Directed Congressional Black Caucus scholarships to family/ friends; mentioned in 2011 Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’s Most Corrupt Members of Congress report. 

Dist: 770-683-2033

Dentist. First term beginning 2017, succeeding Lynn Westmoreland. Conservative.

Dist: 770-987-2291

One of only two Buddhists to serve in Congress. Anti Iraq war. Critical of expanding Israeli settlements. Pro civil justice; anti TARP; pro Obama stimulus. Named 18th (out of 204) most effective Democrat in 112th Congress by Vanderbilt and UVA, ranking higher than any Republican from Georgia.  

Dist: 404-659-0116

Civil rights legend; pro gay rights; pro health care; anti 1991 Gulf War; anti NAFTA; opposed Iraq invasion in 2003; pro immigration reform; pro sane gun control. Called the “conscience of Congress.”

 6th District  7th District  8th District  9th District  10th District
Tom Price (R)
Rob Woodall (R)
Austing Scott (R)
Doug Collins (R)
Jody Hice (R)
 Dist: 770-998-0049

Orthopedist. Anti federal funding NPR; pro Patriot Act; anti Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act; pro cutting  discretionary spending to 2008 levels. Anti abortion; anti gun control. Anti gay rights; pro marriage amendment. Signed Koch group’s pledge against taxes re: Global Warming. Trump’s pick for Secy Health  &  Human  Services. 

Dist:  770-232-3005

Anti Obamacare; anti abortion; voted against restriction on NSA’s warrantless surveillance; pro Fair Tax (replace income tax with sales tax). 

Dist: 229-396-5175

Anti same-sex marriage pro Federal Marriage Amendment. Voted against 2013 renewal of Violence Against Women Act. Anti abortion; pro capital punishment; anti gun control. Signed Koch group’s pledge against taxes re: Global Warming.

Dist: 770-297-3388

Baptist pastor, lawyer, USAF Reserve Chaplain. Sponsored Deal’s cut to Hope; pro-charter schools; pro-death penalty; anti-death w/ dignity; anti-abortion; signed Koch group’s pledge against taxes re: Global Warming. Squeaked by  in runoff. 

Dist: 478-457-0007

Radio show host, Southern Baptist pastor. Says Christians “tricked” into “false belief” in separation of church and state. Anti-Islam, believes in Islamist  conspiracies to take over country. Anti gay marriage. Misogynist, saying woman had to be “within the authority of her husband” to run for public office. 

 11th District 12th District 13th District 14th District
Barry Loudermilk (R)
Rick Allen (R)
David Scott (D)
Tom Graves (R)
Dist: 770-429-1776

Member of the Freedom Caucus which is sympathetic to the Tea Party.

Dist:  706-228-1980

In Republican meeting about amendment prohibiting discrimination against LGBT workers, read Bible verse about homosexuals “they which commit such things are worthy of death.” Told Republicans they are “going to Hell” if they vote for the amendment.

Dist:  770-210-5073

Prohibition of online poker; For healthcare reform; Supports marriage equality; Opposed to Iran nuclear deal 

Dist: 706-290-1776

Endorsed by the Atlanta Tea Party; Opposes abortion without exception; Voted to limit Planned Parenthood funding; Authored the Defund Obamacare Act; Defaulted on $2.2 million bank RE loan