Resistors Visit Loudermilk in Support of EPA

Aghast at the bill to dissolve the EPA which was co-sponsored by long-time climate change denier Rep. Barry Loudermilk, constituents paid him a visit.

While he doesn’t claim to be a scientist – he holds an associate degree in Telecommunications Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education and Information Systems Technology – he apparently feels qualified to dismiss the findings of the worldwide body of scientists who actually study the climate.

Now, apparently, he has determined that the agency established by President Richard Nixon to protect our environment is unnecessary. Many of his constituents – in particular, those who study the environment, educated & aware constituents in other fields, and those who remember the days of polluted rivers & stream, unbreathable air, dying forests & wildlife, the horrors of chemical poisonings – strongly disagree and visited his offices to let him know that…more to come!

Just a few photos of the visit to illustrate and inspire – thanks to all who went!

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