Hello Georgia!


Welcome to Indivisible Georgia!


Like many others, we are manning the ramparts! The “Indivisible Guide” was just the catalyst we needed to transform our anguish and anxiety into positive action.

We hope you’ll join us in this vital effort to preserve and defend the America we all love.

Together, indivisible, we will prevail!


Click here to download a .pdf of the Indivisible-Guide-2016-12-19 (2.4Mb)

8 thoughts on “Hello Georgia!

  1. Clara Roesler Reply

    Please tell me where an Indivisible group is located in or near Athens Georgia. I want to be a part of the movement!

    • georgian Post authorReply

      You bet! I’ve added you with posting/editing capabilities to http://indivisible-ga.org/thirteenth. I suggest you check out the Facebook page at Indivisible Georgia and post a shout out to others in the 13th; ask them to register and we’ll add them to the district site ASAP!

      Glad you’re here!

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