Demand Your Reps Hold Town Hall Meetings

Hi All, Catherine here aka Equal Citizen. I have also seen that our senators have no town halls on the calendar. That is ridiculous. You can’t hide from us. You serve us. I propose we (aside from continuing our calls and emails) push for a townhall. It’s their duty to speak with their constituents. We can join forces with other GA Indivisible groups. Thoughts??

3 thoughts on “Demand Your Reps Hold Town Hall Meetings

  1. Patricia Mitas Reply

    Absolutely in favor of town hall meetings! There is too much at stake for our “representatives” to ignore us and push their own agendas.

  2. Beth Jonsson Reply

    I would love to make this a weekly issue in whatever form of media we can get this out. I have been a vote every two years type of citizen, so I just thought that I was not aware of meetings with our taxpayer supported MoC. However, given the current constitutional crisis we are facing, we need to make this a requirement at all levels of government!

    • Hope Mays Reply

      Sen. John Albers Town Hall Meeting

      A government of the people, by the people and for the people needs to hear from the people it serves! 

      Please join me and other legislators for a town hall meeting to provide an update of the 2017 legislative session and then focus on your questions and ideas.   Families are very welcome.

      Saturday, 2/18 @ 10:30 am

      Alpharetta City Hall

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