4 thoughts on “Call To Action: Demand Answers from Tom Price on the ACA

  1. Janet Best Reply

    I am in 5th district. Is it still appropriate for me to come to the Price office visit?

  2. Pamela Martin Reply

    When my husband retired three years ago we lost health coverage. We had to purchase individual insurance. With his rheumatoid arthritis my husband was summarily health denied coverage of any kind so went on Cobra until the ACA passed. Since I had a history of cancer as well as arthritis issues, I was given coverage but it excluded any cancer treatment should I have a recurrence and any coverage for arthritis related problems. With the ACA, while still in the individual market because of our income, we were no longer excluded from coverage due to preexisting conditions. We were able to get very good coverage but over the three years that we had it, the cost went up annually to a whopping $1800.00 a month for the third year. Our company left the state of Georgia at the end of 2016 so we had to re-enter the marketplace and through a broker were able to get a short term plan which will have to be reviewed annually. We are paying $1400.00 a month with a $2500 deductible.

    We are both very concerned that Tom Price as Secretary of HHS will lead the charge to gut the ACA and leave us along with many other individuals without health coverage of any kind. In our case it isn’t a question of finances, it is a question of whether we will be granted insurance coverage at all because of preexisting conditions.

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